Infusion therapy is an important component of natural medicine and invaluable to easily and profoundly restore health and vitality, especially in chronic diseases, long standing nutrient deficiencies and digestive and absorption problems.
It involves using cocktails containing vitamins, antioxidants and other nutrients that get transfused straight into the vein (used as a drip).

The great advantage of this therapy is that it bypasses the whole digestive tract, which often has a compromised absorption ability and can cause multiple nutritional deficiencies. The infused nutrients go directly into the blood stream, where they provide nourishment to every cell in the body.
Very often, in chronic and depleted conditions, high blood levels of key nutrients are required (for example vitamin C) in order for the immune system or other organs in the body to respond in the way needed to overcome certain conditions and to provide the system with the dose of nutrients required to start the healing process.

Even if the digestive system functions perfectly, there is a limit to the oral absorption for every nutrient, beyond which, even if taking higher doses orally, this will just be excreted but will not lead to a further increase in absorption.
For example, if infusing 7.5g of vitamin C this will give blood levels 10 times as high than supplementing orally with 15g throughout the day.
Infusion therapy is a unique, fast and efficient way to give the whole body a boost and raise vitality, immunity and organ function safely and profoundly.

The infusion cocktail can be tailor made according to the patient’s needs, it can contain:

Vitamins, minerals and trace elements (for example vitamin C, Zinc and Selenium for the immune system, potassium and magnesium to support heart function)
Amino acids as vital building blocks for weakness and chronic exhaustion, absorption problems, to raise energy and for athletes to help with muscle building and improve sports performance
High dose antioxidants like curcumin and lipoic acid to improve cellular function and reduce oxidative stress, which is raised in chronic and inflammatory conditions and with degenerative diseases
Amino acids and precursors for the nervous system to improve function, re-balance and calm – also offering a ‘NERVOUS SYSTEM RE-SET’ as injection: effectively re-balancing the overactivated sympathetic nervous system (fight-and-flight-mode) and the underfunctioning parasympathetic nervous system (calming, relaxing, regenerating, repairing). Has an immediate de-stress effect and helps to shift the nervous system back into balance and also addresses the endocrine imbalance (adrenal burn-out, thyroid problems etc).


We provide a unique selection of high potency IV cocktails that only a very few clinics worldwide offer. All IV ingredients are German pharmacy manufactured and of the highest standard with proven efficacy.